Saturday, May 19, 2007

[PHOTO] Why I Switched from

Some of the readers have asked me why I decided to cease updating my Fotopic gallery. The reason is simple, Fotopic, while free and very easy to use, compresses my images to the point that I find unacceptable. To illustrate exactly what I mean, I'm posting two identical pictures, the first one uploaded to my Fotopic gallery (the old one), and the second to my Flickr gallery (the new one) - you can see for yourselves what I mean by compression (you may wish to right-click and select 'view image' in Firefox to see the larger versions).

Image 1: uploaded to Fotopic gallery with compression:

Image 2: uploaded to Flickr gallery with noticeably less compression:

Hopefully you can see why I have decided to switch; the second image is sharper than the first one, which makes for a better viewing experience.

That's it for now.

The Solemn Observer

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