Wednesday, September 10, 2008

UBC Science Frosh 2008

It's been a long time, folks! I know I promised to update this photo blog with new pictures a while back, but I've been swamped by summer classes and other obligations and so have not had a chance to post anything until today.

Regardless, here's a video that I put together for the UBC Science Frosh 2008. The event is meant to be an orientation day for arriving students entering the faculty of science at UBC. It allows them to connect with peers and senior students while having tons of fun in the process!

While the event is only in its second year, the planning committee has done such a wonderful job that everyone, including the volunteers, had an absolute fantastic time with a great many fond memories.

Anyway, below is the video I made using pictures that I took during the event.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Posting hiatus...

OK, so I haven't made any posts in the last...oh let's say...six months? Well it wasn't just my inherent laziness at work here, nor was it due to lack of pictures to post - I happen to have 20G's worth of RAW files to process from the Christmas + midterm breaks - but mostly, it's that gosh darn word again: SCHOOL. Yes, finals have kept me pretty busy lately - the ones during winter '07 really butchered me, so a studious beginning was at the top of my mind when term 2 began, hence the complete lack of new posts.

Well, finals are over, for the moment, and I'll soon be posting tons of new pictures. Check back in a few days!